Gilded Circle Vendor Partner Application

Get in front of thousands of interior designers everyday working on residential and hospitality interior design projects.

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Pricing Details

DesignerInc's margin is expressed as a percentage of MAP or MSRP and calculated as a reduction off the price we charge our designers, which we call “Designer NET.” Please note that we offer our community of designers Designer NET pricing across the platform. Should your application be approved, please provide us with a price list reflecting retail, IMAP/MAP and Designer NET pricing or a means for our Concierge Team to look this information up, ie. an online portal credential. If you do not offer suggested retail or IMAP/MAP on your products, please provide your entry level Designer NET pricing. If you have a Tariff, this needs to be included in the Designer NET price listed on DesignerInc.

Agreed Pricing Structure

DesignerInc Margin (expressed as % of MSRP)

Data Integrity

I agree to send DesignerInc updated product data and price information should this information change in the future. I also agree to honor the last price provided to DesignerInc.